Sony Vegas pro 12

Sony Vegas PRO 12 is a new program that allows you to create multi-track recording, edit and non-linear editing video and audio materials. Using the tools that are available in the package Sony Vegas PRO 12 you can perform the following actions:

  • precise adjustment of audio;
  • creation of a dual-layer DVD and surround sound;
  • through of Blu-ray;
  • creation of standard DVD complex video that includes subtitles, multilingual menu, comments;
  • support for a set of tools for highly detailed and accurate tuning video and audio parameters;v
  • to achieve great flexibility circumcision video processing pan;
  • add to project-various audio and visual fragments;
  • color correction.
  • An innovative program Sony Vegas PRO 12 may support the new video format image frame the size of up to one GPX, surround sound, use images in different proportions, so a user in one project can add pieces of different size and resolution.

    The functionality of the program Sony Vegas PRO 12

    Sony Vegas PRO 12 download equipped with the latest interface enriched contemporary colour scheme, providing neutral optical environment for optimized viewing of colors that can significantly increase comfort when working with darkened space in the editing Studio. The program includes several options for different default posting to the Windows, which are distributed to commit different installation tasks. Placement data can be changed at will, and keep it for your personal work space created specifically for the innodividual style of the user. In the version of Sony Vegas PRO 12 is the accommodation for audio mixing and color correction.

    Additional features of the program on installation

    Sony Vegas PRO 12 is equipped with more than 190 video effects, which produced a variety of settings. These include an updated collection of light effects. Applying video effects, you can create color of the backlight, and model the impact of light, change the focus frame and more. So here we can see the best way to improve the quality of the video. And different effects certainly can do all their best to make perfect file.

    Updated features of the program

    In the program Sony Vegas PRO 12 updated the following features:

  • creation of 5.1 surround sound;
  • to include the custom palette color options interface;
  • full set of transitions and video effects;
  • professional level lighting effects;
  • complete set of tools to perform color correction;
  • added tool to work with professional cameras;
  • supports audio format, Broadcast Wave;
  • database support Gracenote CDDB;
  • updated system management materials - media-Manager;
  • effects for the treatment of full-fledged projects, including audio bus;
  • ability to view a video on an external display via the digital output graphics cards (DVI);
  • supports external governors consoles;
  • option to open other projects in the project;
  • configure the template of the user.
  • Download Sony Vegas pro 12 for free